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We built with one simple mission: to help drivers get both the cheapest rates and the best coverage from leading carriers.

Insurance companies will have no problem raising your rates. Some will increase them up slowly, making it harder to catch when paying your bills. Others will raise your rates suddenly or even through the roof -- sometimes with just one ticket, accident, DUI, and other times for no obvious reason, even though you have been a loyal customer with a perfect driving record for years! Or, your rates could stay the same, yet you find out your neighbor or friend who has a very similar car and driver history as yours is paying way less than you. All these scenarios are very common, and the brokers we see them every day.

So how can you avoid overpaying? The very simple answer is to shop around -- and shop around regularly. You see, (1.) rates are constantly changing. For instance, there may be far less accidents in your zip code recently, or you may be eligible for some newly available discounts, or your driving record or credit score has recently improved. But here is the catch: Insurers are not obligated to lower your prices when rates fall.

Additionally, (2.) the type of driver an insurer is looking for is also always changing. For example, an insurer may want more of a certain age (young vs old), or more from certain zip codes (urban vs rural), or more with a certain record (perfect vs high-risk driver), etc. They do this to balance their books and focus their specialty.

What all this means is that timing can be the difference between overpaying and saving big. It is too easy to end up (or stay) with an insurer that is going to overcharge you.

How we can drop your rate?

Fortunately, we have the technology and the relationships to help drivers just like you save big. We use technology that is like the big insurers, with one major difference: Ours works to benefit drivers by finding quotes from the right insurers at the right time -- or those offering the lowest rates for drivers just like you at this very moment.

So whether you need state minimum or full coverage insurance, or even if you are unsure about how much insurance you need, we are confident that our technology, broker partners, and broad carrier access (from large national to small regional ones), all work together to make it easy for you to save.

To start, simply enter your zip code and tell us about your car, yourself, and your needs. We securely and privately analyze this information, like the insurers, to only generate you quotes, but then, unlike the insurers, we find you those providers who can save you (not charge you) the most. It only takes a few seconds to compare. Or, if you prefer getting more accurate results by providing more information and speaking with a broker partner, you can compare in minutes here. Do not wait, start saving today!