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We built this website with one simple mission: empower drivers to take advantage of the latest and cheapest rates.

Insurance companies have no problem raising premiums. We have all seen it before. Life happens – and with just one ticket, DUI, at-fault accident, or lapse in coverage, and your insurer raises your rates through the roof. Or even if you managed to keep a perfect driving record, you may notice that with every renewal, your prices are going up – sometimes slowly but often surely.

Why does this happen? Simply put, you may no longer be the type of driver your current insurer needs, and thus rewards with a great rate. Similarly, if you get quoted a high price from a new company, it is likely because you are not the "right" type of driver they happen to be looking for at the moment.

Really? Yes. Using complex calculations, an insurer may suddenly find, for example, that they have too many drivers of a certain age (young vs old), or from certain zip codes (urban vs rural), or with a certain record (perfect vs high-risk driver), etc. This is known as “adjusting their risk pool” and in order to balance their books someone will pay:

  • The “right” type of driver profile + current customer: Rates will probably stay the same for this person. However, new customers who similarly fit such a “right” driver profile could be offered substantially lower rates. This is because when rates fall, insurers are not obligated to lower the premiums of current customers. Such loyal customers can end up paying more by missing out.
  • The “wrong” type of driver profile: For a current customer, this person typically pays via rate increases. The prices can either inch-up slowly or drastically come renewal time. On the other hand, potential new customers can be quoted a, sometimes shockingly, high rate. In either case the insurer wins. If the person does not sign-up, the insurer is happy (since they do not really want them). If the person does sign up, the insurer is also happy, because they are getting paid big.

How we can drop your rate?

Do not be the “wrong” type of driver at the wrong time for the wrong insurer.

Fortunately, we have the capabilities to find the right insurer (often several) needing and rewarding drivers just like you at this very moment. With our near real-time technology, direct access to leading carriers and brokers, and industry knowledge – we stack the chips in your favor and only get the best quotes in front of you.

To start, simply enter your zip code and tell us about your car, yourself, and your needs. We will securely analyze this information (like the insurers), but then (unlike the insurers), we will scour through hundreds of options, check discounts, and only show you the best providers offering the cheapest rates. Start saving today!