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Available Car Insurance Discounts

Everyone loves getting a discount. And since car insurance is required by law in nearly every state, it makes sense to get all the savings you can. Knowing which discounts are available will ensure you do not miss out. And there are likely at least a few that you have not yet heard about. We see it all the time. Even one or more of the right discounts can truly add up, making your rate even more affordable than you thought possible!

Discounts do differ by insurer, but one thing is unfortunately quite common: Car Insurance companies are not obligated to tell you all the discounts that are eligible for you. For this reason, it is recommended to learn about discounts before shopping around. That way, you can be certain that no savings are being left on the table. Being eligible for say an aged-based discount, an anti-lock brake discount, or a switching to a new company discount is different than actually getting the discounts.

There are two main categories of discounts:

  1. Driver discounts: Who is the driver? What is their driver history?
  2. Vehicle discounts: What type of vehicle is being insured? What type of equipment does it have?

When you answer a few questions on, we use technology (like the big insurers) to securely generate quotes, but (unlike the big insurers) we benefit drivers by finding only those companies offering the lowest rates at this very moment. You see rates and the type of driver insurers are looking for are constantly changing. This makes it easy to end up with the wrong insurer and overpay. Instead, we make it easy to find the right insurance looking for -- and offering low rates -- to drivers just like you at this very moment.

Enter your zip code below to start comparing quotes or read on to learn more about the typical discounts that are available.

Driver Discounts

Driver discounts come in many forms. The most common are based on:

  • Demographics: Discounts for age 55+, low income, homeowner, current student, certain occupations
  • Driver history: Discounts for safe drivers, or having a low number of incidents (tickets, accidents, DUI)
  • Training: Discounts for completed defensive driving or other training courses
  • Usage: Discounts for annual mileage of 7,500 or below
  • Bundling: Discount for combining an auto policy with home, life, or other insurance
  • Affiliations: Discounts for military, certain employers, unions, clubs, schools, or other affiliations
  • Payment & terms: Discounts for paying up-front, paperless billing, or automatic payments

Driver discounts range from 2% to up 35%. Learn more about all the specific driver discounts that are available and how much you can save by clicking here.

Vehicle Discounts

Vehicle discounts are mostly based on the type of vehicle, its age, and features. Here are the most common ones:

  • Vehicle age: Discount for new or newer vehicles
  • Vehicle type: Discount for electric or hybrid vehicles
  • Multi-vehicle: Discount for having more than one vehicle on the same policy
  • Safety features: Discount for anti-lock brakes, automatic braking systems, passive restraint systems with airbags
  • Security features: Discount for anti-theft systems

Vehicle discounts range from 5% to up 25%. Learn more about all the available vehicle discounts and how much you can save with each one by clicking here. helps find all the discounts you are entitled to during the quoting process. With our technology and direct relationships, we show you companies offering the lowest rates and best discounts for drivers just like you at this very moment. Enter your zip code now to compare and save!