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How to Maximize Savings as a Safe Driver

Just because you have a perfect driving record does not mean you are saving. Yes, you are very likely paying less than a high-risk driver -- such as teens, older seniors, or those with tickets, accidents, or a DUI. But the question you should be asking is whether or not your premium for the exact same coverage is lower than that of other drivers just like you.

You should question if your current auto insurance rates are truly low is because of two reasons:

  1. Auto insurance prices are constantly changing
  2. Not every insurance company truly specializes-in or is actively looking for safe drivers

Staying with the same insurance company too long could be costly. Over time, insurers increase rates slowly, increase rates quickly, or even keep rates the same. But in all three of these scenarios you could very well be missing out on savings. Rates are determined by a driver’s profile -- which include one’s age, zip code, driver history, credit, and many other factors. Things change and can for the better -- there could be less accidents in your zip code, your driving record could have improved, new discounts may have become available, etc. In other words, versus before, you could now be less costly to insure, and thus entitled to a cheaper premium. But since insurers are not obligated to drop the rates of current customers when prices fall, you could be unnecessarily overpaying and not even realize it!

Next, not every insurance company specializes-in covering safe drivers. For instance, there are many who prefer to only insure high risk ones. Such will not really offer good rates or great discounts to safe drivers, simply because they do not fit their current business model.

Safe Driver Discounts

will often lower your premiums by around 20%. To qualify for a safe driver discount, your driving record should typically be clean of the following:

  • No tickets or at-fault accidents from three to seven years
  • No DUI/DWI for around ten years

Getting a safe driver discount can likely save you hundreds of dollars every year on your auto insurance policy, even more if you have multiple safe drivers on the same policy. When determining discounts, some insurers split tickets and at-fault accidents into separate categories. In other words, you could receive separate safe driver credits for having no tickets and by not having any accidents. Or, if you happen to get a ticket but have no accidents, and your current insurer does not separate into two categories, it would make sense to find one who does, so you can still be rewarded for having no tickets.

Some insurance companies also offer accident forgiveness as part of a car insurance policy. If you purchase the forgiveness coverage, your rate will not go up if you are involved in any traffic accidents, including those where you were at fault. However, you are only allowed one accident every three years in order to maintain your safe driver status with accident forgiveness. A few insurers also offer a safe driving bonus, which means that for every six months of safe driving (no tickets or accidents), you earn a bonus check that is calculated as a certain percentage of your premium.

Keeping Your Safe Driver Discount

Keeping a clean driving record is obviously the best way to ensure that you will keep qualifying for safe driver discounts. No one is perfect, and accidents happen. That said, here are some ways to proactively maintain a clean driving record:

  • Take a defensive driving course: Such courses will help you maintain and sharpen your driving skills, making it less likely to be at fault in a costly accident.
  • Maintain your vehicle: Be sure your vehicle is always in good driving condition by keeping up with car maintenance, including making sure that your tires are in good condition.
  • Avoid distracted driving: Distracted driving is a real hazard, so keeping your eyes on the road and your mind on your driving is of paramount importance. Texting while driving is not only dangerous, it may also be illegal in your state or area. Other distractions like eating while driving should be avoided. For those few drivers who shave in traffic, please stop.
  • Never drive under the influence: Do not drink or do drugs and drive. If you have had too many drinks, use a designated driver, a taxi, or a rideshare.

Just because you are a safe driver does not mean you are getting the lowest possible rates. has direct relationships with the top companies who reward safe drivers with the best prices and discounts. To start comparing and saving, just enter your zip code and answer a few questions!