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What are Driver Discounts and How Much Can You Save?

Driver discounts are those which are based on a driver’s characteristics. Basically, who is being insured, what is the driver’s past history, how far do they drive, are they associated with any certain organizations, do they hold other insurance policies with the same carrier, and how do they plan to pay. Here are the seven categories of driver discounts:

  1. Demographics
  2. Driver history
  3. Training
  4. Usage
  5. Bundling
  6. Affiliations
  7. Payments terms

Savings from driver discounts typically range from 2% to 35% off. Below are the descriptions of every category, along with the specific discounts and their amounts:

Demographic Discounts

Keep in mind that if you happen to live in a zip code where the number of accidents have fallen, you should be eligible for a lower rate. If that is not the case, but if you are age 55 or older, own a home, hold a certain occupation (including teacher, firefighter, working for law enforcement or for the government), or are a student -- then you will very likely qualify for one or more of the below demographic based discounts.

Here is how much you can save:

  • Age 55+ discount: up to 35% off
  • Homeowner discount: up to 20% off
  • Occupation discount: up to 25%
  • Senior citizen discount: up to 35% off
  • Student discount: up to 25% off

Driver History Discounts:

One of the best ways to save money on your auto insurance rates is to qualify for safe driver discounts. While major insurance providers may differ in how they define a safe driver, you can usually qualify if you have not had an accident or a traffic violation in the past three years.

Here is how much you can save:

  • Safe driver discount (no at-fault accidents or traffic violations last 3 years): up to 20% off

Training Discounts:

Those who complete a safe or defensive driving course can become eligible for a discount. Taking such courses is especially valuable if you have tickets, accidents, or a DUI, as many carriers will still offer a defensive driving course discount for such drivers.

Here is how much you can save:

  • Defensive driving course discount: up to 10% off

Usage Discount:

People who drive 20 or fewer miles per day, would be eligible for a low usage or low mileage discount. Some carriers, known as “pay-per-mile” insurers will even only charge you when you are using your car.

Here is how much you can save:

  • Low annual mileage discount (7,500 or fewer miles per year): up to 5% off

Bundling Discount:

Combined with a homeowner discount, you could save a lot more if you bundle your auto policy with another one, typically home or life insurance.

Here is how much you can save:

  • Bundling discount: up to 20% off

Affiliation Discounts:

These types of discounts greatly vary by carrier. Some favor certain affiliations over others, such as being more geared towards military members, while others are more club, union, or employer centric.

Here is how much you can save:

  • Affiliation discount (depending on club, employer, union, school): up to 25% off
  • Military discount: up to 15%, but up to 90% if actively deployed

Payment & Term Discounts:

When buying a policy, be sure to get a discount if you are paying up-front or signing up for auto pay or paperless billing. Some carriers will offer these when you look to cancel as an incentive to keep you, but most should be giving you these discounts out the gate.

Here is how much you can save:

  • Autopay discount: up to 5% off
  • Paperless billing discount: up to 2% off
  • Pay up front or in full discount: up to 10% off will get you the lowest rates. With our leading technology and direct relationships, we show you the top companies offering the best driver discounts for people just like you at this very moment. Enter your zip code to begin comparing and saving!