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Saving on Car Insurance with a Bad Driving Record

Just because you have tickets, accidents, or a DUI does not mean you should overpay on car insurance. Yes, having incidents like these on your driving record means insurers categorize you as a “high risk driver.” And yes, high risk drivers tend to pay higher rates. But having a less than perfect driving record does not mean you are out of luck.

First, several factors can work in your favor and can minimize any rate increases. Additionally, there are various ways to prove to insurers your commitment to being a good driver, which can help bring down your rate. And finally, you should shop around to make sure you get insured through a company that specializes in high risk drivers.

Factors that Can Help Offset a Bad Driving Record

Your driving record is only one (though important) consideration insurers weigh when determining your car insurance rates. But there are other factors, including:

  • Zip code: Certain areas have more accidents and thus higher rates
  • Age: The youngest and oldest drivers tend to pay the most
  • Currently insured: Those with gaps in insurance coverage tend to pay more for at least six months
  • Type of car: Older cars, especially those with little safety features, sports cars, exotic cars, classic cars, and those associated with more damaging accidents tend to cost more to insure
  • Type of coverage: Full coverage, and any additional coverage, along with high maximum limits for injury and property damage will cost more than state minimum
  • Credit score: Those with bad credit or low scores tend to pay more

Some factors on the above list are obviously not in your control, while others could very well be changed. Consider changing your car, removing additional coverage, or improving your credit score. Remember that being considered a high-risk driver will eventually go away as time passes and you keep your incidents down to zero.

Also, consider writing a letter to your insurer to explain the situation. Any way you can prove that you are financially and personally stable will weigh-in your favor.

Other Ways to Save if You Have a Bad Driving Record

Here are some additional ways you can save if you have tickets, accidents, or a DUI on your driving record:

  • Take a defensive driving class
  • Increase your deductible
  • Explore any and all available discounts that you may have been missing out on previously

Remember, the best way to get the cheapest auto insurance rate is to shop around. You should compare at least three quotes from not just any insurance companies, but those that specialize in insuring high-risk drivers. And then once you have had car insurance for at least six months, shop again for quotes. You will likely be able to get an even better price at that time.

Those with a bad driving record can still save with Our technology and direct relationships with companies that specialize in high-risk drivers enables us to secure the lowest rates for drivers just like you. Enter your zip code to start comparing quotes now!