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What Vehicle Discounts are Available and How Much Can You Save?

Vehicle discounts are based on various factors, including your vehicle’s age, type, and features. Basically, newer, “greener,” and safer vehicles tend to get the most discounts (although teen drivers tend to be charged higher rates on brand new cars). If this does not sound like your car, do not worry, as other vehicle discounts are available. Here are the six categories of vehicle discounts:

  1. Vehicle age
  2. Vehicle type
  3. Multi-vehicle policy
  4. Safety features
  5. Security features

Savings from vehicle discounts usually range from 5% to 25% off. The descriptions of each category, along with their specific discounts and amounts, are below:

Vehicle Age Discounts:

Older vehicles are not necessarily cheaper to insure. Newer vehicles by and large have more robust safety features than older ones. For this reason, many insurance companies offer a discount when you insure a new vehicle.

Here is how much you can save:

  • New vehicle discount: up to 10% off

Vehicle Type Discounts:

A sports car or, an exotic or classic car, will obviously cost more to insure than a family sedan. The reason is due to various factors, such as replacement parts being expensive parts, or sports cars being typically driven faster than others. Hybrid and electric vehicles, on the other hand, are a type of vehicle that often qualify for discounts.

Here is how much you can save:

  • “Green” vehicle discount (hybrid/electric): up to 10% off

Multi-Vehicle Policy Discounts:

If you have more than one vehicle -- whether another car, truck, van, motorcycle, rv, or boat -- added to your policy, you will quality for a multi-vehicle policy discount.

Here is how much you can save:

  • Multi-vehicle policy discount: up to 25% off

Safety Feature Discounts:

As technology evolves, so too does the safety equipment that is characteristic of the newer cars on the road. Such equipment helps to minimize injuries or prevent accidents altogether, which in-turn brings down the costs of insurance claims. Not surprisingly, insurance carriers offer discounts for when your vehicle is equipped with safety features.

Here is how much you can save:

  • Anti-lock brakes discount: up to 10% off
  • Automatic braking system: up to 10% off
  • Passive restraint with airbags: up to 5% off

Security Feature Discounts:

Auto theft claims can be very costly for insurers. For this reason, most companies offer discounts if your vehicle is equipped with an anti-theft system.

Here is how much you can save:

  • Anti-theft system discount: up to 20% off helps find all the discounts you are entitled to during the quoting process. With our technology and direct relationships, we show you companies offering the lowest rates and best discounts for drivers just like you at this very moment. Enter your zip code now to compare and save!